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We provide consumer products for Process , Constuction , Marine & semi-con.

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We values our customers and provide our best knowledge and end products to customers

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Adv computer aided machines

Accurate cutting of steel & stainless steel plates using CNC Plasma for thick martials. CNC bandsaw , CNC Milling ( Machining Center) & more...


Böhler Welding, an innovative producer of welding consumables for joint welding in all major arc welding processes.


Fontargon brazing: A leading provider of brazing filler metals for technologically advanced industries

UTP Weld

High-quality industrial-use welding filler metals for maintenance,repair ,overlay weld.


We also provide well trained 6G welding services

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intricate custom design

Gomet Engineering Pte Ltd has been established since 1988. We started off doing maintenance services and shut down services for chemical, oil and gas companies. Subsequently, our company penetrated into the Pharmaceutical sector, Providing cleanroom system setup and other related solutions. With the vast experience of design, fabrication and pumping systems integration, our company has completed several erection projects.

Notable design & build projects would include recognized incineration & power plants, small buildings and factories. Other services Gomet provides would encompass pipeline design & installation, as well as the fabrication of holistic water treatment systems and oil & gas metering system at various projects for main contractors. ..

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With over 27 years experience in structural steel fabrication and installation Service. We will understand your requirement. We hope our experience can proceed not just selling our products, we also provide our after-sales service advise for your products requirement.

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With our boundless ambitions, we aim to diversify our product range and continue pursuing capacity expansion. In this, Gomet will be able to provide a wider variety of manufacturing services for both local and overseas demands.

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Oily Water Separator

The Parker CRS series Oil Water Separator is designed to effectively remove oil and particulate contamination from water based process fluids. A high performance coalescer, together with pre-filter, enables efficient removal of emulsified oil and fine particles that causes end product quality rejects and high fluid change out costs.Compact, durable and user friendly CRS units are a cost effective method of reducing system oil content and particulate contamination,providing consistent end product quality and a significant cost reduction to your process.

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